Holy change batman. Honestly, what a year 2016 was. I don’t know a single person who didn’t grow or learn a lot in this past year. Unlike last year, and the past several years, I have decided to make New Year’s Resolutions. Okay, really, they are just a bunch of goals for the year. Now, … More twenty-seventeen

Have you ever…

asked yourself “why do I seem to want everything?” then quickly followed that question up with “well, why can’t I have everything?” and proceeded to figure out how you could, in fact, have everything? And I’m not talking about the five year old thoughts of I want everything in the store. I’m talking about the … More Have you ever…

When a Brief Mental Breakdown Leads to a Beneficial Life Change

We are getting to that time of year where everyone talks about what they’re thankful for and what they’re looking forward to in the next year. It’s often people’s favorite time of year: holiday season.  Would you agree? To be frank, I don’t. But let’s stay positive on this first day of October (one of … More When a Brief Mental Breakdown Leads to a Beneficial Life Change

Day Twelve

We like poetry, yes we do. I like poetry, how about you? I’m clever right? Well I wrote this little poem on the twelfth of January, and to be honest it has nothing to do with said date but I like the idea of naming it that so here it is 😀 Short days, shorter … More Day Twelve

Short Poetry

Hi friends! With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d gift you with a short post. tee hee No, no this isn’t a play on my height (I’m only 4’10”) This isn’t even what I think of when I think of a poem, but this isn’t school and I have no rules in my creative writing. It … More Short Poetry