Depth of Field

First off, thank you for being flexible with me as I’m in school and quite busy right now! Second, I think we all had fun with my last photo assignment so I figured why not share another. This one being about depth of field. Or what’s in focus in the picture.  This is what would … More Depth of Field

Blog Update!

Hi friends! So I’ve been successful in posting weekly for the past couple of months, and boy am I proud of that! I have decided to form a sort of schedule for all of my lovely followers (you guys!) And I’ve even come up with some clever hashtags for them, because social media is always … More Blog Update!


Six days into the new year and I have already failed at my only resolution. Actually, I failed it on the third day. Hi guys! New year, new you. . . Right? Sure, if that’s something you want to do. But have you ever thought about new day, new me? The¬†new year is merely a … More twenty-sixteen