Well hello there, stranger šŸ™‚

My name is Kelsey and that handsome guy is Ruckus. We’re a pair of best buds living in and exploring Northern California. When I’m not working as a supervisor at a coffee shop or studying we make our way to the coast or the lake or the mountains, as well as everything in between and beyond. And when I’m not exploring the wild with my pup I can be found on my mat or tucked into a book or with a pen in my hand.

If you’ve made it this far you might be wondering why I’m even here. Well, primarily to share our adventures with you, secondarily to share some tipsĀ I have learned over time, and finally to potentially inform you on something you may not have already known about or present a different view on the topic. I like to present simple challenges and encourage feedback, so feel free to voice your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, dear stranger. And maybe we might feel more like friends in time šŸ™‚


Ps. These fun pics with the pup and I were taken by the stellarĀ Nate Zoeller. Check him out!


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