That Dam(n) Run

Happy Friday loves,

It’s been a month since my run, and I just realized I never talked about how it went! Last year I barely finished, walked frustrated across the finish line. This year, I beat my time by ten minutes! And I was able to kick it across the finish line. You can check the quick clip on my YouTube channel here.

So, how did my training go?

Definitely not as well as I had planned. For the first two weeks I ran two to three times a week. But within those weeks I had started a daily yoga challenge. I ended up not having enough time or energy to do both on most days. Obviously, that’s an easy excuse. Either way, that’s how it went.

Although my training didn’t go as I hoped it would, I was so much better prepared for this run. I felt good for most of it. But most importantly, I was happier to do it. This time around, it felt much more like something I was excited to do. The week leading up, I was dreading it because I hadn’t ran recently. But, I still did it. And my dad was there to support me, it was a great day. We even went out to brunch with my mom and her husband afterwards. Seriously, it was such a good experience. I’m even more excited to continue running and continue exploring different facets of physical activity.

I encourage you to explore things in your life that challenge you! Physical, mental, emotional, anything that you’d consider a challenge. It’s so worth it.

Next week, I’ll start a recipe series 🙂 I think it’ll be fun to explore some recipes and find what I’m interested in cooking/eating. In the mean time, here’s my favorite picture from after the race





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