5 things I learned in 5 days of writing

Happy Wednesday loves,

Five things to mark five weeks in the series! What series should I do next? I’m thinking a food series, it’s been a little bit since I’ve cooked. And the holidays would make a perfect time to test out some recipes!

1. Prioritizing things is important

For this challenge I didn’t prioritize writing. It was something I did at the end of the day, while catching up on YouTube videos or something. By the time I sat down to write I was tired and had no focus left in me.

2. Cultivating new habits starts with perspective

I’ve been a lot of reading posts and listening to Podcasts by the Minimalists lately. One of the things they talk about when they talk about how they started pursuing their passions is changing how they saw it. Yeah, it sucks to get up at 3 am. But if you think of not having an hour to write as worse than getting up at 3 am, it’s not as bad. To not write would be worse than to miss that hour or two of sleep.

3. It’s worth making time for

Personally, writing isn’t fiction writing. Or research and writing a story. For me, I mean journaling. I mean taking time to process what has been going on in my days or maybe things I just need to think through. The one day I started with writing was the best day of writing for me. I wasn’t rushed and knew that if something I started on made me cry, I’d have time to sit through the emotion.

4. I’m not good at changing my habits

Even in this five day challenge, I missed a day. And since doing almost forty days of yoga, I have only practiced once or twice a week. I love both of these things and consider them valuable activities. But sticking to change is proving so difficult for me. I’m hoping to work on improving that.

5. There’s something special about pen and paper

I don’t think I will ever love writing on a computer the way I love writing on paper. Something about script and changing it as my mood changes. Something about watching the pen make marks and not being able to remove them. I like it a lot. It sucks to think about the paper use and waste, but we haven’t come up with a technological version of it. Maybe I’ll have to try writing on a tablet or something. Until then, it’s paper and pen for me.

I’ve enjoyed sharing little bits and pieces of things I’ve been learning lately. Next, on to cooking!

See you soon ❤




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