6 Things I learned in 3 Days of Twice Daily Meditation

Happy Wednesday Loves,

Another week of learning? Sounds good to me. But let’s change it up. This week, I’ll elaborate a little bit more on what I learned. What do you think? How are you enjoying this series?

1. Mindfulness does not happen immediately

It’s so difficult to think mindfully. Simply a few days of meditation don’t guarantee a more mindful outlook.

2. Meditation is not easy

Following along with some guided thing helps, but staying settled and trying to ease the mind is not easy.

3. Don’t start with the longest meditations

For the first time, even few times, meditating, picking a ten minute meditation did not go well. To sit in stillness and settle the mind takes time and practice, so starting small is much better.

4. Practicing meditation for an assignment is kind of counter productive

What started these three days was an assignment for class. Unfortunately, the assignment added pressure to doing the meditations and they lost a lot of their power because of it.

5. Laying down to meditate in the middle of the day sucks

In yoga, I’ve done meditation where we sit with our eyes closed. But following a meditation that asks the meditator to lay down and get comfortable was difficult for me. The idea was to be comfortable for the meditations, but they just made me more anxious about getting things done.

6. I would like to meditate more frequently

All of that being said, I would like to meditate more. I think it’s truly beneficial and would make my life better. But I need to find a better way to do it.

Any ideas? Have any of you dove into meditation? Where did you start?

Talk soon

❤ K


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