24 Things I Learned in 24 Hours Without Technology

Hello dears,

It’s week three of the series! How are you liking it so far??

Before I get into what I learned, let me talk about what I did. I challenged myself to a full 24 hours (9am Saturday – 9am Sunday) technology free, anything shorter seemed too easy and honestly 24 hours wasn’t terribly hard. The technology I stayed away from was all social media, texting, my phone in general (aside from a couple of phone calls), and my laptop. Things I still used were my car, the stove, and occasionally a radio.

There were a couple of times I “cheated.” I did have to check a text before meeting up with coworkers to make sure the plans had not changed, as I hadn’t told them I wouldn’t be texting for the day. On the second morning I was running in a 10k and used Audible as well as my Fitbit application to keep myself motivated and on track. I also had to use my GPS to find where the run was at. Along with these instances I had phone calls with my parents making plans for their attendance at my run. Otherwise, I was able to stay away from all technology for the 24 hours.

I did this for two reasons. First, it was our weekly challenge in my health class. Second, I have been listening to the Minimalists’ Podcasts recently and they talk a lot about having gotten rid of their technology and found it brought a lot of meaning into their lives. The second reason had me intrigued and I am tempted to cut a lot of technology for a longer time after this first 24 hour challenge.

Now that I have prefaced, here are 24 things I learned in 24 hours without technology:

1. I spend way too much time on my phone, in the bathroom

2. I find motivation challenging without some sort of music setting the mood

3. Much of my time is eaten up by scrolling through social media

4. Another huge chunk of my time is taken being “entertained” by YouTube videos

5. Tasks like reading (even books I want to read) cause a bit of anxiety

6. Not having technology to kill my time pushed me out of the house

7. Talking on the phone is a much more pleasant way of communication than texting

8. Silence isn’t all that bad (until it’s interrupted by family watching the news in the living room)

9. I actually really don’t like social media

10. Very, very few of the people I “follow” on social media are people who’s lives I am invested in

11. Social media is a place to network for me

12. Sleep is my next go to, after technology

13. Headaches combined with silence make for a low desire to do anything

14. Going for a walk with my dog is really nice without music/audio books/Podcasts/etc.

15. My mind isn’t that bad of a place

16. People think it’s weird to happily go without technology

17. There are so many more hours in the day than I know what to do with (and it’s a little overwhelming)

18. Time management is crucial to success

19. I don’t need most technology

20. In fact, I don’t want most technology

21. It was easier than I thought

22. I don’t want to talk to most of the people I talk to often

23. There are some people I enjoy talking to very often

24. Taking part in an activity with people is far better than looking at their posts about it

Do you think you could do 24 hours tech free? 48 hours? A week? Challenge yourself and let me know how it goes!

Talk soon



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