30 Things I Learned in 30 Days of Social Media Posting

Hi friends,

It’s week two of my # I learned in # days series, and this week I am talking about what I learned over my month of daily posting for the Yoga Girl challenge. This is a little different than last week, even though it’s based around the same time. Last week I talked about what yoga taught me in those 35 days, this week I’m focusing on what I learned from posting so frequently on social media.

1. It’s difficult to post true to me things

2. Some days, I don’t feel like I have anything to say

3. Other days, I feel like I have too much to say

4. People misunderstand my transparency with complaints or pleas for help

5. That being said, people care about me

6. Sometimes I have a great idea for a picture and it doesn’t turn out

7. I also have far too many ideas that require someone else to take the picture

8. Of the 30 days, maybe 5 posts made me feel more connected to others

9. I don’t like commitment, but I’m getting better at it

10. I enjoy being vulnerable and transparent with anyone who listens/reads

11. Having daily posts on this site is actually fun

12. People give feedback more frequently on Facebook (people being like parents and old family friends)

13. Networking is more easily done on Instagram

14. Participating in a challenge with hundreds of thousands of people means nothing if you don’t look at the other people’s posts

15. Seriously, I probably would have had a different experience if I had actually read posts and not just posted

16. Less than 10% of my followers interact with my posts

17. Pictures get more reaction than their captions

18. Selfies (or pictures focusing on me) get more attention than ones focusing on objects

19. “Photographic” pictures also get lots of attention (i.e. yoga mat grass view)

20. Reaching out to someone on social media is a super okay thing to do (so long as privacy is respected)

21. People don’t like my dog as much as I do (haha)

22. People do think the aquarium is cool though

23. Taking pictures of a home practice is kind of difficult, well of any practice

24. Sometimes, finding a preying mantis is the most yoga thing I do

25. I am not a fan of taking pictures of myself with my phone

26. I often forget to post, especially when I “need” to

27. Committing to a challenge like this is difficult because it’s so out of my norm, and it’s so weird for me to say I “need” to post on social media

28. I do like yoga pictures, a lot

29. It’s easy to get burnt out

30. But, I do want to post more frequently and test my picture taking limits

Talk soon



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