35 Things I learned in 35 Consecutive Days of Yoga

Hi there,

Before I get into those 35 things, let me give you some background. I did this as a participant of a 30 day challenge, that then turned into two challenges and extended my original 30 days to 35 days. The first challenge was a social media challenge started by Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen), while taking part in this challenge I decided to go take a class at a yoga studio for the first time in over a year.

As timing would have it, the day I went to the studio happened to be the first day of their 30 day yoga challenge. I am a huge believer in timing and knew that my being there on that day meant I was supposed to take part in their challenge, too. Now that the challenge is over I work as a karma yogi for the studio and will be taking part in their yoga teacher training next spring. Did I mention I believe in the power of timing?

Without further adieu, 35 things I learned in 35 consecutive days of yoga:

1.  I love yoga

2. Yoga is not just exercise

3. Yoga is not just meditation

4. Yoga is not just breath (although that is a huge part of it)

5. Yoga is spiritual

6. Our bodies hold emotion (and stretching those emotion holding areas can cause an emotional response)

7. I don’t like Yin yoga

8. I also love Yin yoga

9. I adore Ashtanga

10. Nidra is a beautiful experience

11. Yin is a prop heavy class (and yes almost the entire class is spent on the ground)

12. Heated yoga helps loosen everything up (but is definitely not for everyone)

13. Taking rest is more than okay

14. Yoga is a community

15. Sometimes, I’d rather practice at home than in a class

16. Sometimes, I want to practice at home even after taking a class

17. Each practice is different

18. Each day my body is different

19. Taking a few days of rest (or restful classes) make me feel stronger

20. Yoga is a good compliment to running

21. Three vinyasa style yoga classes in one day isn’t advisable

22. We can all learn from a Rookie Program

23. I will make time for something that is important to me

24. I’m not as busy as I assume I am

25. Taking time for myself is not easy

26. People are drawn to yoga

27. Yoga is beautiful

28. Yoga is challenging in more than physical ways

29. Hydration is key (to everything)

30. Nutrition is also important (duh)

31. Timing is insane (in a good way)

32. Social media can be a good source of inspiration

33. Social media can also be a good source of negative comparison

34. Practicing a variety of styles makes daily practice easy

35. I can’t imagine life without yoga

When was the last time you took part in a challenge? What was the challenge? Did you stick to it? What was difficult about it? How can you challenge yourself this next month?

This is the first of a few in a series of # I learned in # of time. Hope you enjoy this little series 🙂



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