28. balance. getting shit done. and resetting. 

Good lord, I’ve waited all day for this Vanilla Almond juice from @pressedjuicery. I decided to do a juice cleanse for the day because I just have not been able to reset my nutrition. Taking a day to cut pretty much everything is sometimes what I need. I’ve noticed I’m consuming waaaayyy too much sugar, and have fallen off eating strictly vegan due to not taking time to cook. My stomach has been so upset and my skin is full of spots. So today I juice cleanse and prep some food for tomorrow. Tomorrow I just might try cutting sugar and see how long I can do it. 

But today, I started with an hour long Vinyasa flow and will be finishing with some Yin (making up for missing a class at the studio on Saturday since I’ll be doing 108 Sun As downtown). In between I’ve put in a short run, done laundry, and am watching my week’s online course videos. It sounds like a super productive day, which it is, but really it’s a reset day for me. Getting a lot out of the way, balancing my day with yoga, homework, housework, rest even. It creates a template for my ideal balanced days so I can work off of that for balancing normal days better. 

I started my day with the intention of balance, had some of the best balance I’ve had in class yet. And feel like my day is truly balanced. 

Day 28. Almost a month in, and yoga man, it’s so much more than exercise. I’m addicted. 


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