25. history. beauty. and what does this have to do with yoga?

Nothing really. I just forgot to take a pic with my mom and Michael. And this damn tank just makes my heart so happy. I keep turning the light on purely to watch my fish. 

But on the yoga note. Today was day 1 of the rookie program. My mom and Michael came and I’m so excited for them. They both really enjoyed the class and are excited to learn more. I was excited to learn about the history and parts of yoga. Like the 8 limb path and which limbs take precedence. (hint: the physical moves aspect is number 3 on that list)

Beauty? Well this tank. I mean come on. We’ve got #bettaThoth up front and some ember tetras rushing around in the back. This gorgeous burgundy plant with a bright green shrub right in front. And maybe sometime I’ll be able to snap a pic of my cute little pigmy corys scavenging at the bottom. 

Day 25? Less about physical yoga, more about mental balance and peace. 


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