DIY Terrarium

Want to get crafty this Monday?

Because I sure do. I have been in a super crafty mood this past month, so here we are with another DIY. This time, I actually took some progress pictures!

Let’s jump in to this super popular DIY!

If you know anything about me, then you would know that I, of course, had to take part in this plant focused DIY. I have become obsessed with gardening, but it’s still a bit too warm to start on my proper food garden. That makes for lots of indoor DIY gardening.

The second thing you might know about me, is I tend to go overboard and make mistakes. If the mistake is serious enough to ruin the project, I’ll fix it. However, if it isn’t serious, I tend to let it go and let it be part of my creative learning process. In this case, my plants are quite tall for the container I chose. This simply means I may have to repot sooner than I might have otherwise. Which to me isn’t a bad thing, repotting means I get more plants!

Here’s what I started with: a gallon mason jar (aka old fish tank, I don’t like to waste anything), some hydro stone, green moss, and soil (the latter three I found in the small quantities shown at Green Acres)

Each picture shows a new layer added. Start with hydro stones for drainage, then add green moss to help set the water level, finally soil for plant roots.

Next you’ll pick out your plants (Green Acres had small houseplants specifically labeled as terrarium plants, but they’re really just small versions of other houseplants) and add them in. I went with a colorful, leafy thing and some ivy. Finally, once your plants are in, add some more pebbles and moss or whatever other trinkets you might want to make the soil look less empty (I simply used a little of the hydro stone and green moss from the bottom).

As I mentioned, my plants are a little large, so if I notice them not doing well, I will repot very soon and start this terrarium over. Or I might restart it with less soil so they are further in the jar, if I do, I’ll keep you updated on my plants’ new digs!

But for now, they live on my windowsill, next to Thoth

If you feel inspired, make one for yourself! Let me know what you used, and how it went for you!

Lots of love and energy towards your creative endeavors!



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