22. balance. eating. and procrastinating.

Today is the equinox. The epitome of balance. One of two times the earth reaches true balance of dark and light. 

Meanwhile I’m over here having to drop to the mat fifteen minutes into class because my body had to remind me I haven’t eaten much of anything this week, and what I have eaten isn’t nutritional. I’m very cautious about talking about my eating habits on social media. I’ve been called anorexic before and it really damaged the way I interacted with food for awhile. I’m not consciously choosing not to eat, I’m just so busy doing who knows what that it doesn’t cross my mind. I don’t sit still long enough to feel hungry.

Life is very out of balance for me right now. So I did what I do when this kind of thing happens. I say no to responsibilities (homework can take a 5% dock, it’s not the end of the world). And I do something to make my space beautiful. Today that was adding to my tank. #BettaThoth got a school of small tetra friends as well as some cleaning shrimp (he did not like the shrimp at all, chased ‘me around the tank when everyone was entered). I also put in some new, colorful plants. 

Now that I’ve eaten something I’m going to take a bath then stare at my fish tank some more.

Day 22 wasn’t my favorite, but it’s come and is now ending.  

Just over a week left, and I couldn’t imagine a day without yoga


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