21. all of the props. family yoga? and nutrition. 

I love that this challenge is about all that yoga is. Don’t get me wrong, I love building this habit of a daily practice. But I also love the freedom of accepting yoga to be more than just my time on the mat. Or the amount of props I have now accumulated to support my hot, outdoor, and Yin practices. (2 mats, 3 towels, a blanket, and a bolster, but who’s counting 😂🙈)

My original intent was to post a pic post class to show how full my arms are for Yin, but then I called my mom to talk to her about the Rookie program. We had talked about her interest in yoga and I’m aware of her lack of background in it this past weekend. Today I thought she might actually benefit from it, if her and her husband can come I think it’d be a lot of fun for all three of us to do together. And I know she would benefit greatly from all yoga has to offer. I’m excited for this potential. 

I’m not as excited about how terribly I’ve been eating though. I can’t recall the last proper meal I’ve had in the past few days. It’s starting to get to me, but I just have no desire to cook or even eat really. Anxiety has a lot of ways it gets to me. Food is one of the major ones. Balance. Balance. Balance. 


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    1. Well, I can’t post a video on my blog here. But if I did a YouTube video, what kind of video are you asking for?


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