20. malas. stresses. and wonderfully cloudy days. 

If there were a thing as a yogi mama or yogi big sister, in the sense of showing you the way or bringing you along to ideas or places, miss @katamox is mine! Not only did she bring me to @zudayogaroseville, but she has now inspired me to make my own Mala. 

In making this Mala, I not only get to have a beautiful piece to wear, but I got to support a local mom and pop shop, and I get to have something to help me calm my nerves. The process of making this was very relaxing and methodical. But also using it as a focus tool (since I don’t really pray or yet know any Sanskrit prayers I could use). Simply having something to count, basically giving my brain a task that isn’t “what are all of our problems and how can we fix them right now?!”

Day 20, we are learning more balance. More trust. More joy. More peace. And freedom. 

Ps. I LOVE this weather 😍


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