19. freedom. new yoga pants. and some more anxiety. 

Today’s Yin class taught me three things: Yin is about twenty times more difficult when I’m feeling anxious, @aloyoga’s goddess pants are the coziest and most perfect pants for Yin class, and yoga is teaching me how to be free. 

I couldn’t focus today. Not that focus is the main point of yoga, more that I couldn’t relax into poses because my brain was not slowing down. There’s a lot on my mind right now, I mean I had dreams about doing math last night if that tells you anything! So it makes sense, but I remained in the poses. I made it through class, and I drifted off into shavasana, my own little happy land.

These pants are just great. The bottom half is a sweater-like material so it’s nice for the cooled down room. And they’re made longer to go over your feet a little, which keeps from the cold feets. Also they feel amazing.

Most importantly, however, yoga is teaching me to be free. What we often see images of are perfect poses, but those don’t always work for every body. And in large classes chances are there will be people who fit into one pose and modify for another. Each class I listen to my body a little more and learn to make each pose work best for me. Tonight I even took a moment after class to discuss how to better suit a common pose to my body as it was causing pain, and we found a great spot! There is structure to yoga, yes. But there is so much freedom within that structure. If you know where to start and where to go you can do anything within it. 


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