18. shavasana. slow flow. and balance. 

This is day 18! Woah. Wait. We are more than halfway through #yogagirlchallenge! I haven’t stuck to a challenge like this in years! And I feel so amazing. I am so in love with this practice. 

My body is sore, but not too sore. And I feel stronger. I can balance easier and longer. I can stretch deeper, and for me that’s a lot! I went into this already relatively flexible, so going deeper is amazing. Slow flow is my favorite. I love the deep, long holds. I love making my way further into poses, seeing where my body is each day. 

I am beginning to let go. Shavasana is actually restful for me! I melt into the floor and everything is gone. Thoughts come and go. There is only peace. 

I feel truly happy. For the first time in awhile. I feel a deep peace building within me, even as life is changing and challenges come to me. I feel prepared to handle anything with love. 

Many thanks, as always to @yoga_girl 

After this, I hope to continue #yogaeverydamnday 


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