14. exhaustion. nutrition. and self care. 

Do your practice, everything else is coming.

Apparently that’s a yoga thing that’s commonly said. It’s to say that this moment right now is where to focus, be all there because everything else is coming anyway. So focus now because now is in your control. And it might even help you face the everything. 

Days like today I am every part of exhausted. I look like I’m not even awake. There are so many potential reasons for this. I don’t eat enough, especially when I exercise. I just forget to. I get busy. Then I get tired and sleeping sounds way better than cooking. 

Days like today I like Yin. I like being able to take an hour or so to refocus. To center and get those deep stretches in. 

Now to make sure I eat enough tomorrow. And drink enough water. And build good habits in this area of self care so I can focus on other areas of self care without worry. 

I will forever be grateful for @yoga_girl and her #yogagirlchallenge I look forward to continuing #yogaeverydamnday 


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