13. breath. rest. and doing every single vinyasa.

On day 13 of #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl I took a slow flow class.Ujjayi breath was the main goal. Only push farther if you can maintain your breath because breath is your grounding. It’s your stability. It’s what tells you that you can stay in that pose shaking the whole time because all your body needs is that breath.

Focusing on breath was beautiful. It gave my practice timing. It helped me go deeper in poses. Even shavasana wasn’t terrible today! And I did all of the vinyasas. My shoulders are sore. But I did them all. Breathing through every one. Holding where my breath told me to hold and flowing as my breath flowed.

This is the first time in a long time that I have learned something new with each class. Whether it be about myself and my mind and my heart or be about yoga. I leave the studio feeling full. It’s lovely.

Today feels good. Now to rest. 


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