Veggie Taco Rolls

Feeling hungry this Tasty Tuesday?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, I’m going to share with you one of my go to “recipes.” I put that in quotes because I can’t go so far as to call it a recipe. I’m not one for exact measurements, or even using the same ingredients. That’s why I use this “recipe” so much! It’s so adaptable.

Pretty much all you need for sure are veggies, hummus, oil, seasonings, and tortillas. What kind you use of each can, and should vary! Keep it fresh, try new flavors, or clean out the fridge!

Here’s what I was working with this time: carrots, green bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, eggplant, garlic, spinach, artichoke hummus, yellow corn tortillas, and fresh herbs from the backyard (sage & chives usually, but I now also have thyme and rosemary to add to it)

It takes about a half hour or so to prepare and can be eaten right after you cook it, or cold the next day for lunch!

How to Make ‘Em:

  1.  Cut up all of your veggies and herbs. I suggest cutting strips, this makes rolling much easier (I forgot to do that with the carrots this time).
  2. Add in carrots, onions, garlic, and herbs with a touch of oil (coconut or olive oil). I start with these to soften up the carrots and get the flavors going.
  3. After two or so minutes add in the rest of your veggies and sauté until almost cooked, then add in two or three handfuls of spinach. Once the spinach has cooked down to your liking, everything should be all cooked up!
  4. Heat your tortillas however you like. (when I have access to a gas range I like to just warm them straight over the fire on the burner)
  5. Add hummus to the tortilla, then add veggies to one side of the tortilla, and roll it up! The hummus helps keep them together and adds some extra flavor and a creamy touch.

I am definitely no culinary expert, but I’m pretty okay at mixing things together and making simple meals. If you have kids who are just learning how to cook, I think this would make a great meal to learn! Although the veggie cutting definitely should be kept under adult supervision.

Let me know what your favorite veggie mixtures and hummus varieties are!

Talk soon ❤



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