11. studios. home practice. and so much yoga.

It’s day 11 

with @yoga_girl and the #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge (day 7 with @zudayogaroseville). This means every day for the past week my yoga has been in a class. Which means I have signed up and it’s become another sort of “responsibility.” Today I got up at 530am for a 6am class. I only get up that early for work! I loved class, I worked my ass off for the first time in class I went as hard as I could and I didn’t stop. But it’s not the same as sitting on my floor at home with @adrienelouise guiding me through a flow (this time for concentration and mental focus cuz this girl is not having an easy time doing homework lately).

I miss this being my alone time. My decompression time. The studio is beautiful and it’s family. And I am so happy to be a part of their 30 day challenge. But it’s people. And today I craved more. So I’m ending my day the way I started it. But at home. Without a mat. In the clothes I wore to class and my doggo chewing his bone next to me. Today is truly about taking time for myself. Making myself a priority, my mental health. Not making school the priority because I can do it so much better if I’m not forcing myself to do only it.

Much love fam 💕🖤


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