6. learning. committing. and letting go. 

Day 6 man.

It’s getting real. And there’s something about day 2. Today is day 2 of @zudayogaroseville 30 day yoga challenge, and just like the #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge with @yoga_girl day 2 was insanely harder than day one for me.
I didn’t really want to go. I hurt my back at work, damn slippery mats. I didn’t sleep very much last night. I just was not in the mood. But I went. And I spent a good chunk of the class in this pose.
Child’s pose. Letting go of my desire to be perfect all of the damn time. Letting go of the pain and stretching. Letting the heat relax my muscles.

I wanted to cry at times. It was kind of defeating. But as our teacher kept saying, trust that where you are is exactly where you need to be and the only reason you need to do something is because it’s what’s right for you. So I stayed. And I loved it. I feel blissful, and tired. Yoga is lovely.


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