5. studios. hurts. and 30 day challenges.

It’s been over a year since attending a class at a studio.

Last time I went the studio felt cold and uninviting. No one said a word to me. All I could think was this is not the yoga I have been falling in love with. So I didn’t go back.

And I didn’t go anywhere else. I was too afraid of feeling that hurt again. This isn’t the only place in my life I’ve said no more to for the sake of “not feeling that hurt again.” But I came back. To a new studio. And it was everything I believe yoga is. Welcoming. And inviting. Shit the teacher asked if anyone was new I said I was and everyone said hi to me just like in elementary school. It may seem childish but I felt like I was being welcomed home. And I came on the first day of their own 30 day yoga challenge. The universe is beautiful to me today. I am beginning to cultivate acting out of love and not out of fear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now to do my endless hours of homework 🙈

Day 5 ✅


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