3. school. headaches. and priorities.

It’s day three dears

I woke up today with a headache. This happens a couple times a month. But I have work today and need to get going on this week’s school work. As I sat down to start on some school work I thought about how much better I’d feel if I instead did yoga. I already ate today, so that’s helpful. But yoga could make the rest of my day a good one. So I sat down with Yoga With Adriene’s video Yoga for Migraines and I let my body work to heal itself.

20 minutes later and the headache is seriously diminished. And I feel much more capable of taking on the work day I’ll be heading to soon and might even do a little homework when I get home.

Much love to all of you expressing yourself and taking part in #yogaeverydamnday and Rachel Brathen’s #yogachallenge

(I’m taking part in her challenge to do 30 days of yoga. I’ve been posting on Instagram, but I decided to share it with you lovelies here too. So if you’d like to see what days 1 and 2 were about, check my Insta page!)


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