Fall Semester Planning

Ready for another Monday friends?

Believe it or not, I actually am. And shocking as it may sound, I am becoming a fan on Mondays! Now, whether them being one of my regularly scheduled days off has anything to do with it is undetermined.

I like to think I’m beginning to really enjoy beginnings. And Mondays are the beginning of my week. Just like I truly enjoy mornings, or the beginning of my day.

So how did I get so confident with my beginnings?

Okay, I don’t actually have an answer as to how I became so obsessed with mornings. I think it had something to do with believing that getting up with the sun would make me a better woman (I had a lot of warped viewpoints due to my childhood faith). Never the less, I still love mornings.

However! I do know how I became so confident in my Mondays. Or whatever day is the start of my week.

I started planning! I started giving myself space to organize my days and write out what I wanted to get done and what I needed to get done. My bullet journal (bujo) has truly helped me gain confidence in my ability to succeed in the week to come.

All of that being said, I know I just showed off my weekly layouts with my top tips for what you need a couple weeks ago. So today I’ll show you how I plan for my whole semester. I’ll follow it all up with my tips for what you really need in your semester plans and what you might want to add.

Let’s jump in!


Okay, tips away!

3 Things You Need:

  1. A general weekly schedule (as you can see mine only has one class set, my other courses are online so they’re tentative based around when I work)
  2. A place to keep “important dates,” things like when general tests (midterms and finals) and projects are or school holidays
  3. A place to put course specific items (in previous semesters I wrote out basically a summarized version of the syllabus, I haven’t decided what I’d like to use it for this time since that wasn’t useful for me)

3 Things You Might Want:

  1. Color coordination (I use this in my weekly plans as well, it helps me when I’m simply glancing to see what I need to do each day)
  2. Tape in copies of syllabi
  3. Write in professors’ emails and/or websites (you never know when you might need it and forget where to find it)

Let me see how you plan your semesters! Throughout the semester, I’ll show you how I work in my plans for class each week. I’m loving really using my bujo. Hope you all are too!

What’s your favorite way to plan and organize for life?

Talk soon



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