I Bought a Tent

Happy Friday my dears!

Summer is officially coming to an end, but damn. It has been one for the books. I have done so many new things this summer. Experienced so much that I have always wanted to. Learned new things about myself, not necessarily all things I wanted to accept, but none the less, I have learned.

What better way to end the summer than with my first ever non-organized camping trip?!

Let me explain that a little better… I have been camping before, both as a child and as an adult. However, I have never gone camping without someone else organizing it. I have never owned my own tent, chose my own campsite, made my own food, followed my own schedule, you get the point haha. I’ve always gone with family who had planned it or with a church group, never just on my own with a friend and my dog. It’s a wonderful thing to do.

As always, I took all of the pictures. I even had someone take pictures of me for once! They aren’t the best, as the camera was in manual and he had no clue how to adjust anything. But hey, they exist, and that makes me happy. I’ll start with the pics of me… Well, of me and Ruckus

Some of them are goofy laying in the tent pics, while others are my doggo desperately trying to figure out how he can get up to me on a tree stump and finally giving up, and finally our typical kissing mid hike pictures. I love taking this guy places with me, he is so lovely.

Speaking of how lovely my Ruckus is, a couple pics featuring the handsome guy…

I have never had a dog who was so eager to listen. Who would just lay down at the end of the table or stay sitting where I told him, when there is all this wilderness to run off and explore. Even when he began to wander, he came back the moment I told him to. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

We stopped at Henry P. Cowell Redwood State Park for a picnic. I came across one of nature’s magic tricks (leaves caught in spiderwebs), some rad trees, and after a hike up an insane hill, a cool view of the ocean (or the fog layer).

My favorite though, was definitely our camp site at Big Basin Redwood State Park (in case you were unaware, there are a handful of Redwood State Parks along the Californian coast).

ps. I got my Coleman tent on sale for $40 at Target! It’s a 4 person tent, but probably most comfortable for 2 or 3.

Of the many blissful moments, a chipmunk came out to say hello (and try not to get eaten by my prey driven dog, don’t worry we didn’t let him chase it once we realized what he went after originally).

If you don’t have too many obligations, I suggest taking a couple days to find freedom. To connect to nature in a way you haven’t in years. To just go and explore without fear of the unknown. Be a kid again, climb massive redwood tree stumps. Go out on a limb ;P


What did you do this summer? What did you learn? What are your plans for the fall (and not just your obligations to adulthood)?

I hope you enjoyed your summer, and if not enjoy what’s left of it!




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