What’s a Bullet Journal To Do With Mondays?

Happy Monday Lovelies 🙂

Do you dislike Monday’s? Why? What about Monday is so terrible?

Is it because your weekend is over and now you have to go to work (if you work a standard Mon-Fri type job)? If that’s the case, I might suggest choosing a different place of work. And yes, it is that easy. If you don’t like something, change it. Or change your perspective on it. But before I digress any further…

Is it because you have all of these plans for the week and suddenly are anxious to follow them through? If that’s the case, this is the post for you.

Why? Might you ask, well because I’m going to share my thoroughly tested thoughts on plans and how to follow them through. Or at least, how to plan for plans. Following through is a whole other topic, haha.

I could make this a whole “bullet journal tour” type post, but I won’t. I’ve done that before, and I’ll do it again after the semester starts up. Then I can share what I’m doing to plan for a successful semester, too. For now, I’ll show you how I plan my weeks.

After I show you how I plan my months that is.img_0336

 I liked this method simply because I liked how it took up the page. I liked being able to write in important things like my work schedule and when bills are due or paydays. However, it fell short. I couldn’t quite figure out why. So I simply tried something new, and that is one of my favorite things about bullet journals. Don’t like it? That’s okay because there are hundreds more ways to do it.

Like this one:

img_0333You can see with this one that I actually make use of the space. I thought about what was important to me in a monthly calendar, and here’s what I came up with:

  1. A traditional calendar (in other words, the square with the days and weeks put in an organized manner)
  2. A linear calendar (to write events on, but not my work schedule because that’s already in my phone and my weekly schedule and on the big calendar on my wall I use for quick glances when needed)
  3. Open space (for financial planning, a quote of the month, a meal plan or goal, workouts, etc., etc. I clearly have room for those plans, when I get to them)

Honestly, for me, that’s all I need. And I use it. Which is something I find crucial. I used to have trackers and logs, but I never kept up with them. They made me feel guilty when I came to the end of the month and still had mostly blank boxes. They made me feel trapped in things to do. So I quit making them a part of my bujo.

When the inspiration hits me to set up a workout plan or meal plan, I’ll have the space for it. But until then, I leave it blank. Sometimes it won’t ever come, sometimes it will become filled with quotes, sometimes I write it on the last day of the month and start over the next day. I have learned that my bujo works best for me, when I don’t force myself to “complete” it.

That being said, here’s how my weeks look:

 I have tried so many styles (I’ll have to make a post just full of different formats I’ve tested out). But this is the first format where I have felt like my bujo helped me stay on track. Yes, I literally have my day scheduled out by the half hour. And look at how much free time I have!

As I was mentioning above about “completing” or filling things out, I don’t always schedule in every little detail of my day. I might just go crazy if I did that. However, I schedule in necessary things, like work and homework. Since most of my classes are online, it is crucial that I make sure I have time to do my school work. And it helps me stay a little more sane if I plan that time long before the hour something is due.

Much like finding what I need in a monthly layout, I took time to think about what I really needed in a weekly layout

  1. Hourly schedule (YouTube will suck me into it’s depths without this, not even a joke)
  2. To Do list (things like financial aid due dates and open enrollment for healthcare often sneak up on me)
  3. Homework list (yes, there are lectures I have to watch and articles to read, but I also need a list of simply get this done by this day)
  4. A quote (there’s something about starting the week by looking for a quote that inspires me)
  5. Open space (much like my monthly layout, this is for anything or nothing)

This list is a little bit longer, but again, I actually use it. I have space to add on, maybe something comes up on Tuesday for Sunday, cool I’ll mark off some time. Or move it. Or maybe I don’t need that extra block of time for homework, no need to worry, I’ll just scribble it out. I plan all of this on Sunday, rather than each day, because I’m more likely to actually be productive when I have several days planned out. I have learned I cannot rely on my will power to sit down each day and plan the next day. And that is okay. This works for me, it just took a little trial and error to figure out what does.

Monday’s have become so much easier after I started dedicating an hour to planning my week Sunday night. Even the stress of projects became easier, when I start to worry or mentally plan what I’m going to do about something I remind myself that I scheduled an hour for that exact thing tomorrow. I find myself enjoying my moments more because I’m not worried about the moments of tomorrow. Or at least not as worried.

My tips for making Monday’s better? Stay hydrated on the weekends, work a job you love or change your perspective on your job (believe me, I don’t even like coffee), and find a plan that works for you.

So what would you want most in a monthly layout? How about in your weeks? Would a daily plan work better for you? Test it out! Tell me what you like! I’m always up for new things to try 🙂

Talk soon



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