Six or Ten Miles

Happy Friday friends,

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat? Swimming? Traveling away from the heat? Staying indoors?

Anyone of those is a fun way to do it. And I definitely find myself doing all three. This last week though, I spent a day in the bay. If you aren’t familiar with Northern California, I’ll give you a quick summary. If you live near Sacramento, or anywhere in the valley, you’re going to have insanely hot summers. If you live in the mountains or along the coast, you might hit 80 degree days, but usually you’ll have nice 60-70 degree days. So what a lot of people who live in the valley do is visit the mountains or the coast. My favorite being the coast.

My go to spot is hiking in the Muir Woods, then spending the rest of the day at Stinson beach. The trail I like to go on is called Dipsea. There’s actually an annual race on it, and I’d love to do it some day. But for now I just walk it for fun every now and then. There are a few ways to do this hike. You could start up near the Muir Woods National Monument hike to the beach then back later, start at the beach then go to the monument and back down, start at the monument go to the beach and take a ride back to your car, or like I end up doing, start at the beach stop at the 3 mile mark (aka drinking fountain and bench overwatch) then head back down. This hike always ends up being harder than I remember! And my calves were so sore.

Here are my favorite pics from the trail

I found a couple critters to take pics of too, a lizard, a black bumble bee (the kind that don’t sting you), and a chipmunk. Can you find them all?

And of course, the spiderweb


Talk soon kids šŸ™‚



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