WhatSUP Kelsey

Hey there friends,

Okay, so I finally did something I have always wanted to do. I went out and bought myself a paddle board.

Let me just tell you how insanely lucky that day was for me. So it started out as I was taking my car in to have the A/C repaired (I had been told about 2 years ago it was leaking and not to use it.) About an hour after dropping it off, they gave me a call and said they saw no leak, everything was fine. Which was so exciting because that’s about $1000 I didn’t have to spend on my car! I was definitely frustrated with the mechanic shop which had given me the initial bad information, left an appropriate review (as some other bad things had happened with them), and continued on with my day. In the afternoon was an annual lake trip with some friends. And that was when I saw the paddle board, well again.

It had been awhile since I had gone out and rented a paddle board, but one of my friends had one. And after the huge money saving morning I had, I decided now was the time. There was a huge sale going on after all. So off to REI I went, and not my normal REI either as I was closer to a different location. They happened to have a “damaged” board there, marked $300 off! It wasn’t actually damaged, the board had a few scuffs from shipping and that was it. Nothing that a single trip out to the water wouldn’t cause. So I bought it. And went back to the lake event and immediately made use of it. I am so in love with this activity.

For the fourth of July, I took Ruckus out with me! Yes, he just sits and lays on the front end of the board. And he has a cute little life jacket too. He really enjoyed his first trip out! We even saw deer (they weren’t exactly close, but I tried to snap a pic for y’all.)

On the down side, my poor pup’s back leg got a nasty gash. I assume it was from glass when he walked along the shore on the other side of the lake. It took two whole weeks to heal, we couldn’t even play fetch in the backyard as his jumping and running would reopen the wound. I’m excited to take him out again soon.

But in that time, I went out on my own! And with my dad. When I go out, I paddle and relax and sometimes do yoga or listen to audiobooks. It’s such a peaceful experience. I have always been a water baby, and now I have a sustainable way to spend time out on it. So long as I keep my shoulders well stretched!


Ps. I did fall in. Trying to do yoga when the water is full of boaters creating all sorts of wakes… well it doesn’t quite work out haha

Talk soon 🙂



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