Gardens of Growth

Lovely day, dear 🙂

How hot is it where you are? Because it’s been scorching over here.

This is the end!

Not of my photography career, but of my photography class. No need to worry, I have no plans to throw away this hobby any time soon.

What was my final assignment, you might be wondering? A sequence or series, something that either told a story in a certain order or is clearly meant to be together.

We were given examples of good sequences, as well as series with bigger stories behind them. I chose to follow in the steps of the latter. My series told of my growth throughout the semester, as well as my beliefs of America’s food disconnect. I call it, you guessed it, Gardens of Growth.

Unlike in previous assignments where I took photos on my DSLR and then my film camera, I only took one or two photos on my DLSR then several on my film. This means not all of the pics I used for my assignment are downloadable. However, I did take a pic of my final project and how it is now displayed on my bedroom wall. 🙂

Early next week I will share a little more about the food disconnect I mentioned, but today is about the pictures!

Those mounted prints are my final project 🙂 The succulent alongside, didn’t make the final cut but is cute anyway.

So where comes the growth? This semester, among other areas of growth, I decided to start a garden. I started out with succulents and desk plants, and am moving into herbs and other edible plants. For me, these plants are a tangible representation of growth in my life. I recall a project I took part in when I was younger where we were given a plant to care for. The idea was if we could remember to take time out of our days to care for this plant, we were taking time to care for ourselves. At the time, my plant died within two weeks, now I have successfully kept a handful of plants alive for close to a year.

These will forever be, my Gardens of Growth.

Look out early next week for my opinions on the food disconnect 🙂

Talk soon, K


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