Late Spring, Early Summer Go To’s

Oh hi dear,

New season, new clothes! Or new outfits at least. I am all about ‘sky’s out, thighs out.’ Taking every excuse to be wearing all of the skirts and shorts and dresses I can.

First off we have what I like to call my ray of sunshine outfit


From the bottom up, we have my go to black boots with a light heel from Target. Next comes my simple gray, skater skirt. Topped off with the brightest sweater I’ve ever seen! This outfit is killer for those mild spring days, and it gets me in the mood for sunshine!

Next, is my new favorite romper!


Forever 21 is the go to for this guy, as well as some other loose fitted dresses with tye-dye patters I have fallen in love with. It has a halter neck with a tie in the back. I paired it with a light sweater and my nude heels for a dressy, relaxed night out.

How do you change your wardrobe for the spring and summer? What are your main go to’s?

kisses, K


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