Good day, dear soul

Have you ever paid homage to someone? It’s quite the experiment in creativity. To attempt to recreate an artwork. Or to go deeper and attempt to create a piece of art in the exact style of an artist.

Well, we were assigned just that. As our professor showed examples of influential photographers, one stood out to me: Andy Goldsworthy. This guy does some radical art. He builds sculptures with his surroundings, rocks, flowers, leaves, twigs. Almost all of his sculptures have been built with the knowledge they would degrade in a matter of weeks. So he takes pictures of them! And man, look this guy up. His work is phenomenal.

Here’s how I attempted to pay homage to the English artist

I worked with wildflowers and rocks I found in the area. I built where I saw space. And I took a picture. As I imagined Goldsworthy might do.

Paying homage is a fancy way of showing great respect for another. How do you do this daily? Or, how can you start? Don’t you love to be made feel special? So why not make another feel this way every day?

Let me know how you choose to apply today’s challenge 🙂

Later, gator



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