Passage of Time

Well hi there folks,

It’s been awhile. But we’ve made it! It’s summer!

Okay now how many of us will be taking summer courses? Just me? haha okay, well I have some freedom for now 🙂

That being said I thought I would share with you some of the pictures I took for other assignments in my photo class. Starting with Passage of Time…

Such an amazing concept. It could be anything from a series of pictures capturing the decay of a flower to an old railroad with grass growing through it to a picture with multiple generations to taking a picture of something in current time and comparing it to a picture of the same place decades before… and so so much more.

Without further ado, here were my favorite shots

Wait! One more thing, keep reading and you’ll get to hear the story about getting these shots ;P

That sign on the tree tells how far away North Carolina is, aka the east coast from the west coast. And those tree stumps? Not only did they have beetle or bird or whatever on earth creates those little holes, but there was a cigarette butt shoved in the bottom. And some beautiful mushrooms growing out of the sides. All topped off with some graffiti. How much time has passed since any of those originally occurred? The other shots are simply of graffiti, and some old cement used for who knows what.

Overall fun shots right? Getting them was even better! This area is directly underneath the tallest bridge in California! It’s a popular place for young people to climb around and take fantastic, yet dangerous, shots. Instead of climbing on the bridge, I climbed down the rocks underneath it. I found a partially worn path and decided to follow it. When I went back a few days (the project was on film and I thought I had ruined my shots and went to retake them) later I could not understand what drove me to go down said path. It was steep and partially slippery dirt, partially rocks. I was wearing crappy sandals too! Anyway, it ended up being a nice little climb. And I even got another one of my projects done while down there.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? How about alone? If you can’t remember I suggest you find something new this month! Branch out, take chances, grow!

Talk soon



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