Depth of Field

First off, thank you for being flexible with me as I’m in school and quite busy right now!

Second, I think we all had fun with my last photo assignment so I figured why not share another. This one being about depth of field. Or what’s in focus in the picture.

This is what would be called shallow depth, where only one small area of the image is in focus and all the rest is blurred.

And this is deep depth, where most of the picture is in focus.

Which do you like more? Most of us would say shallow depth, and that could be for many reasons. We simply like having only one thing to focus on, or it’s just more interesting, or really any number of things about a shallow depth photograph could be more appealing to a viewer. Most portraits are done in shallow depth because as humans our eyes are drawn to other human faces anyway and the blurred background or even foreground is just an appealing softness framing the face or subject.

Of the other pictures my fellow students took, there actually was one in which the deep depth was my favorite because some other subjects became more apparent than in the shallow photograph of the same place. But in general, I’m a sucker for good shallow depth.

This being my favorite image I took for the assignment

Although lens flares are technically wrong, I loved how this one aligned with the blade of grass up front.

What do you think? Which depth do you prefer to look at and shoot in?

Have a happy March! (it’s my birthday month :D)

❤ that one girl


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