“All About Me”

It’s week two of classes and this is my first assignment in my photography class. To take a picture that tells you All About Me.

Immediately this image came to mind. A pile of my textbooks and me doing some yoga thing next to it.

Before I explain my whole process and show you the final image I took/chose, let me explain the requirements:

First. The whole class is black and white photos, sorry if you aren’t a fan but I think it’s kind of neat

Second. We have to use rule of thirds!

Third. It has to tell a story in a creative way.

Fourth. It should be well exposed, although we were allowed to use “auto” mode for this photo, I chose not to.

And that’s it. Those are the only requirements of this picture. So I had that thought in my mind the second we were given the assignment. Because school is my life. And yoga is another thing I love to do.

But when I got my mat out and piled the books up I decided to add some books I’ve read or want to read for pleasure, as well as my guitar. As I put it together, I decided the story I wanted to tell was that I love learning. I don’t play guitar, but I’ve attempted learning a few times. I’m no yogi expert, but I’m building my practice. And I don’t have a degree but I am learning as much as I can in life right now!

All that in mind, here’s what I ended up with:

What would your All About Me photo look like? If I hadn’t given you my thought process, what story does my picture tell you?

Talk soon

❤ that one girl


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