Spring Semester & Stress

Okay, let’s get real. School is tough!

Working is tough!

Being an adult is simply exhausting! I love it, but man is it exhausting to continually attempt to reach your full potential.

So I started my spring semester this week, it’s Wednesday and I’m already drained. I’m not behind! But I am drained.

There is a lot to learn, new professors to get used to, homework before the first class and assigned in the first few days.

And keep in mind, I’m also working 30 hours this week.

I am stressed out! I am worried about doing well in my classes, worried about people leaving my store and finding replacements, worried about having time for friends… The list could go on for days.

What am I going to do about it?

Keep doing my school work ahead of time and on time, study early, smile more at work… Whatever I can do to just keep forging on, whatever I can do to keep on a productive path because eventually I will realize all of those worries are without backing.

Because I’ve got this! I can and have done this!

I’ve done a weeks worth of online classes while being in Haiti!! Work and school are nothing compared to that.

Not that my daily life is of the utmost importance to any of you, but I thought I’d stop by and say ‘hey, I’m not feeling the most inspired, but I’m keeping on keeping on so you can too, in whatever it is you’re struggling with!’

I’ll try to go explore soon, and find some more fun things to write about, but for now, I have to adult.

Have a wonderful week lovely humans

❤ Kelsey


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