Stay in, or Go out in Comfort

I am queen of lazy. For the most part. A sort of mildly productive lazy really. So I love outfits that are quick and comfy and look great, this is one of my go to’s.

Now I used to hate wearing leggings as pants, was a part of the leggings-are-not-pants-party for sure. But Target has a pair of leggings with pockets on the side of the thighs and a high waist that are just perfect! They are thick so your butt doesn’t show through, and they are comfy, and who doesn’t like black?

I do wear them to the gym, but some days when I don’t want to wear actual pants they are just my go to pants! I almost always wear them with a long, loose shirt.

This green shirt is a Banana Republic shirt I found recently at a consignment store, and it is the softest thing ever! It’s one of those split length shirts where the front is an inch or so shorter than the back and it’s a solid split, not a high-low. I just want to wear it all day, every day.

Since it’s been colder recently, I throw on a scarf and call it an outfit!


I was invited to a game night with a bunch of friends recently, so I also threw on a long beige cardigan and my big green Nautica coat, as well as some thick, warm socks and my shortie Bearpaws.

I love having big curly hair, but naturally have mildly wavy hair. My solution to this is braiding my hair when it’s wet and letting it get big through those! So once or twice a week I wear braids for a day, then the other days I almost always have big fluffy hair! It’s great, and far better for my hair than curling it several times a week.

Do you have any lazy outfits that you also feel good wearing out?

❤ that one girl


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