Hidden Falls

More adventures with the happy pup 🙂

Not even a week into the new year and I’ve already gone on a hike with only Ruckus to keep me company! I am so proud of this.

We went up to Hidden Falls State Park in Auburn. And it was a beautiful, chilly day.

A quick PSA, if you live in the area and plan on heading up there make sure your furry friend has tick prevention! Because every time we have been there I have found a tick on one of us 😦

Hidden Falls is a large park with several different trails, all vary in difficulty and distance. Ruckus and I decided to take the longest set of trails without wandering and possibly getting lost, a whole 7 miles. The park is known to be a little busy, but on the North/South Legacy trail is wasn’t busy. There were several miles where I didn’t see another person at all! The perfect hike to just be and listen to music and get my body moving.

Every couple miles there was a cute little bridge! And with the rains we have been having lately the creeks and rivers were actually flowing. It was so beautiful.

Ruckus loves water so when we get to the bridges he always looks over them, looking for a way down. In the last picture a couple bikers had passed and Ruckus was intent on watching them cross the biggest bridge. Around this bridge were several overlook points and a handful of the falls to see.

img_1603 This is from across the river on the trail where Ruckus saw the bikers 🙂 We didn’t bother going up to the falls as people were there, and we were tired. Ruckus and I also prefer to keep going, we don’t often stop to look at things for long.


These little fungi were all over a lot of the trees and I found a cute little stump to take a super artsy picture of haha. I liked Ruckus’s foot in the background, both for size reference, and extra artsy effect 😛 (I know I’m not the most amazing photographer, but I try sometimes)

The hike took about 3 hours and we got home before the sun set 🙂 We were both tuckered out and slept great that night!


Where should we adventure to next?

❤ that one girl, and Ruckus



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