Pier 39 & Baker Beach

One of my favorite things about living where I do, is being only a couple hours from San Fransisco. A couple weekends ago, my dad and I took advantage of that short distance and visited the wonderful place with my pup in tow.

We started out at Baker Beach, where Ruckus made a friend, played lots of fetch, and rolled around in the sand. In case I have yet to mention it on here, Ruckus is fast and can jump! He loves fetch and the beach and running, well he’s a dog, he loves a lot of things haha!

Then my dad and I made ourselves some sandwiches (being vegan means it’s usually easier to bring food than to find it, and who doesn’t love saving money!) Ruckus had a quick snack too, then we headed down to the Pier! My dad loves playing Pokemon GO! and Pier 39 is full of Pokestops and gyms and so many Pokemon to catch, so he had a blast doing that while Ruckus and I wandered around and took pictures.

Of course we have our standard Pier 39 pictures of the seals and the end of the Pier, but I also attempted some artsy like pictures as well!

One of the most fun things to take pictures of in this area was Alcatraz. Whether it was finding leading lines and stranger’s shoulders or the perfect arch to surround the island, it’s a pretty neat little ex-prison.

There are also plenty of ferries to take pictures of and the city itself

But one of my favorite moments from the day trip was watching the end of one street performer’s act. His name was Orion Griffiths, he’s an actor from the UK, headed to LA, and an acrobat on the side. He’s hilarious and I wish him all the best in his pursuits! Check out his Instagram page and see if there are any events he’s at which you could support him!


I hope to take more day trips like this next year 🙂 because they are such fun. But for now, enjoy this picture of my gorgeous pup


❤ that one girl & Ruckus


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