New Year, New BuJo Set Up


Ever have a page you start, then leave blank for an entire year? Because that’s exactly what I did with my savings and inspiration pages last year. And guess who saved a whole lot of nothing? Me. Definitely me haha. So I took those empty pages and filled them with words that make my heart happy. Two of the handwritten quotes come from the two most inspirational ladies I follow on social media, Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl) and Morgan (the Southern Yogi).

It’s been a little bit since I shared any of my bullet journal pages on here, I stuck with pretty much the same thing all last semester. But a new year means it’s time to refresh my yearlies!

Last year I did a Year at a Glance that left space for me to write things in for each month, but I never once used it. So this year, I just made a short little one page quick line up of all the months of 2017.


On the page next to my Year at a Glance is my 2017 goals page. Last year I did a set up that was more boxy, but this year I chose a mind map. And the more mind maps I do, the more I see that’s exactly how my mind thinks. So it may look a little chaotic to anyone but me, but it has perfect flow for me.

On the next page I actually set up a proper savings/pay off tracker. With my emergency fund and travel fund for savings and student loans and my credit card for debt to pay off. This past year I was able to pay my car off which means I can knock out my other debt and continue saving for future big spending (like more school haha).


Next to savings is a Books to Read page. I have never done this before, but as I have said a few times recently, visualizing things makes me far more likely to succeed. Which means writing out book titles and coloring them in as I finish makes it easy for me to see what I could be reading rather than staring blankly at my actual, full bookshelf.

I plan on making an overview page for my semester once it starts, and I’ll show you guys that too!

What do your yearlies look like? What pages do you use annually? Monthly? Quarterly?

Happy 2017 friends 🙂

❤ that one girl


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