Have you ever…

Have you ever asked yourself “why do I seem to want everything?”

then quickly followed that question up with “well, why can’t I have everything?” and proceeded to figure out how you could, in fact, have everything?

And I’m not talking about the five year old thoughts of I want everything in the store. I’m talking about the big things. Wanting a kind of lifestyle that you’ve never experienced or sounds like it can’t happen.

Let me be a little more clear..

I want a house I can fix up exactly how I want it with kids running around and a husband with a kick ass job so I can homeschool said kids and not worry about working too hard, etc etc etc. The more or less stereotypical “American” life. However, I simultaneously want to pursue my career and learn about every little part of it and how it exists around the world and maybe even make some changes or do something to better the field. And that lead me to thinking, why do I want two totally different lives?

And quickly followed that thought with, well why do they have to be different? Why can’t they be the same life?

Who knows if they ever will be, who knows if I’ll change my mind tomorrow and start a whole new ten year plan. What matters is that I don’t limit myself to any “typical” or “standard” sort of life and eliminate the possibility of something I didn’t even know existed or could exist.

And neither should you! If you ever find yourself questioning why you can’t this or that, make sure the reason isn’t because you think society says no. Make sure to never limit yourself to any box or definition of life that someone else has tried to create for you or that you’ve created for yourself. Live life to whatever limits you desire! At any time, for any reason, do what your heart desires 🙂

❤ that one girl


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  1. I agree that we shouldn’t chose what our life will be just because of whatever society says about it!
    I am starting a blog, making my very own travel diary, go take a look 🙂

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