What to do on a Saturday Night

Well, there are plenty of things you could do. The question is really, which one will you do?

With a quick look on Google you can find many events happening in your city ranging in price and length and even the amount of people you’ll have to be around.

I’ve gone to a couple small shows with only one friend in tow or even on my own and managed to chat happily with the people around me. Or you can look for something on this neat app called Meetup. You like to do a thing? Well that app can help you find other people who like to do that thing too!

But if you’re like me and you’ve had a long week, or you’ve been feeling ill, or just cannot be bothered to deal with more people you can stay home.

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring or lonely. Staying home can be productive or lazy or relaxing. You can use your time to catch up on your favorite tv show or vlogmas (if it’s December time) or to read a book or write or draw or color or so many other things. Seriously the options for staying at home are endless.

But here’s what I do:

  1. light a candle, my all time favorite is Yankee Candle’s Sage & Citrus
  2. grab some tea, literally any tea but it’s probably best to stick with decaffeinated
  3. run a bath and pick a bath bomb, tonight I chose Lush’s seasonal Twilight bomb
  4. grab a book, it can be for whatever, I chose Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent
  5. soak until I’ve sweated all my cares away



It looks a little something like this. At least this Saturday night did. And it doesn’t always have to look the same, I know mine don’t. But this one gave me some encouragement in my future career (Baby Catcher is all about birthing stories) and gave me some time to just relax and be for a minute. And I think we all need that.



So whether your Saturday night is out at the hottest event or home in the bath like mine, do something you want to do! Our time is precious and we should treat it as such. Make the most of this Saturday night! And every other day and night 🙂

❤ that one girl


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