What is Love?

Baby don’t hurt me, no more.

Okay, joking song lyrics aside, seriously, what the hell is love?!

Obviously movies and books give a skewed view of love, very well storybook. A boy and girl meet and fall in love like it’s nothing, maybe there’s a big fight, then everything is fine and they are happily ever after.

But that’s not real life, we all know that. So what is real life? I’ve seen freshly married, happy couples who got married after knowing each other for only a couple of months to maybe a couple of years. I’ve seen couples who have been together for decades. But I haven’t properly seen the in between, the properly falling in love and choosing to be in love.

Does it happen like the movies? Where it just kind of clicks? Or where it’s months or years of close friendship which eventually turns into a deeper kind of love? Do you fight? How often? What about? What are the deciding factors in whether or not a relationship will work out? Time? Effort? Level of commitment?

I don’t have an answer. I have a handful of stories about how not to love. Or how not to properly care for love. But no answer to what love is. Well, maybe I have an answer to what love is, but I have yet to find the best way to express that or the proper person to understand my kind of love.

I don’t think love is shared in a universal manner. We all love and feel love differently. I would fight forever for love, but sometimes it’s the fighting to get things just right that ruins the good times.

Sometimes love does just happen, we just have to be willing to let it and not get in its way.

❤ that one girl


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