Go To Winter Outfit

Here’s a quick look at one of my go to outfits, which actually describes most of my go to outfits during this winter season.

Target has come out with  these incredibly soft turtleneck shirts, I don’t have the words to describe what it feels like. But it has an overall loose, flow fit which comes down just beyond the hips. Great with a pair of skinny jeans, or for really lazy days with your favorite leggings. I actually found a pair at Target I fell in love with. They’re high waisted and have the best pockets on the thighs, great for running or yoga or wearing when you can’t be bothered to put real pants on.

I chose to pair it with a kind of old school style of skinny jean from Hollister. I bought these over the summer, they have the standard seams on the sides of your legs as well as a seam running down the front. The bottoms are unfinished so they are kind of frayed which adds to the vintage feel. However, I am so short that the bottoms end up bunching up and you don’t get to see that neat effect so I just go for a roll.

Finally, I top the look off with messy hair, my big black glasses, and my trusty old white, high top Chucks.

This is definitely my favorite kind of thing to wear on casual days out with friends or running errands on my own. It’s comfy, cute, and cozy. The three C’s of winter!

❤ that one girl


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  1. Such a pretty outfit! ❤


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