Solo Adventures

Sometimes you get to take fun trips for school. Back in primary school they were field trips, but those don’t really exist in college. Or do they?

This past semester I took a Physical Anthropology course, in which we have a section on studying primates. Which obviously means the lab requires you to visit the zoo and observe some primates! Now there was a day set for everyone to go at once and experience it together and with the professor, however, I ended up being needed at work that day and was unable to attend. So I decided to test my ability to do things alone and went by myself.

Now I could have gone to the Sacramento Zoo, a mere 30 minutes down the road, but I figured why not attempt a true adventure and go 2 hours down to the San Francisco Zoo? So, I did just that.

What I wanted to test, and learned was possible, is if I could enjoy a day trip by myself. It was fun, I definitely prefer doing those kinds of things with someone else, but it was nice to have some space to myself for a bit. I really enjoyed strolling on the beach near the zoo, and plan on taking Ruckus down sometime, just the two of us.

I even brought myself some mandarins, nuts, and Larabars and had a little snack/lunch thing on a bench with the monkeys as company.

You would think I would bring my camera and take fun pictures of the animals, well I did the first half. But what I ended up taking pictures of were spiderwebs. I’m serious. No animals, no people or interesting events, every day spiderwebs.

Oh and some attempts at artsy like pics down by the beach

Have you ever taken a trip with just yourself? Where too? How far from home? What was it like? Pros? Cons? Would you do it again?

I would. I think everyone should every now and then.

❤ that one girl


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