When a Brief Mental Breakdown Leads to a Beneficial Life Change

We are getting to that time of year where everyone talks about what they’re thankful for and what they’re looking forward to in the next year. It’s often people’s favorite time of year: holiday season. 

Would you agree? To be frank, I don’t. But let’s stay positive on this first day of October (one of my favorite months!) because we always have things to be thankful for!

Personally, I’m thankful for unexpected sales (like getting a Fitbit Alta for $45 instead of $130). I’m thankful for what seemed to have been a down turn in events to lead to a mental shift in how I want my life to be. And I’m thankful that fall is peeking it’s head out from its warm summer blanket.

I have learned several times this year that I need to consistently take time for myself. Whether that mean plan my life out, do my homework, or some yoga, or go for a 3 mile run (which by the way I would never have been able to do at the beginning of the summer!)

I say learned, but I have failed to continue giving myself that time. I have more frequently chosen to put others first in unhealthy ways. And every time the same thing happens, I basically just stop functioning. I get more irritable, I don’t eat well, I barely go to work and school and am lucky to finish assignments. It’s just a whole mess. 

So a question has arisen, how do I stop this cycle?

I don’t have a tested answer yet, but here’s what I am doing…

Yoga, finding a series on YouTube to follow along with and work on developing my own practice

Running, with friends and with Ruckus running is such a mind clearer for me

Eating well! it’s not that difficult to do, and having recently chosen to go vegan (I’ll talk more about this soon) I am learning so much about food and cooking!

And this may end up being the most important one for me right now, taking time to be an adult and do my work rather than pushing tasks to the side to spend a ton of time with someone. This may seem a little counterintuitive, but I’m not saying only do school work and house tasks and don’t hang out with people. I’m saying I personally give too much of my time to people and procrastinate on assignments that end up stressing me out in the long run. And no one needs additional stress if it can be avoided. 

If it weren’t for letting myself crash again I may not have gotten to this point. If it weren’t for letting myself develop some meaningful friendships, I definitely wouldn’t have found reason to improve my mental health for the long run. And I am so thankful for those people and the way life hands me events that seem to suck a lot but end up helping me gain new vision. 

What do you do to keep your overall health together? What are your main goals for balance? Do you keep up with them? Let’s keep each other accountable!

❤ that one girl 


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  1. Gail says:

    I stay consistent. I stay focused. I put myself first. I’ve learned to say no, mean it and not feel guilty.


    1. Nice! Consistency is definitely one of my biggest struggles

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