Bike Riding

Who doesn’t like sweet little childhood memories? I know I love telling and hearing stories!

So welcome to Way Back Wednesday.. Are you ready to hear about how I learned how to ride a bike?

Okay, my dad first tried teaching me around age six I think. But I had terrible balance, or something like that, and I wanted no part of this falling over thing. So fast forward three years and now my step dad is attempting to teach me..

He starts with what I imagine to be the typical bike riding learning to be, go down the driveway and you’ll figure it out, right? Wrong. Terribly, horribly wrong. I learned how to fall or how to run into bushes though.

But we didn’t give up. A good two hours of attempts, a breakdown and plenty of frustrated tears from me, a tasty soda and he had an idea.

What if, instead of just hoping that a little bit of going properly would help me figure it out, what if he rode alongside me and held my bike? It sounds a little funky, but it worked! He held my bike steady and I was able to figure out what balance on a bike felt like and ended up riding on my own in five minutes!

But this wouldn’t be a good story if it ended there, which means obviously, it doesn’t.

Now that I had some confidence in riding (a whole twenty or so minutes), I was ready to go down our big hill of a street! But I didn’t quite understand how brakes worked…

I also didn’t quite piece together how turning worked. And next thing I knew I was at the end of the hill and there was a dumpster. There was also a whole street just slightly to my left, but that didn’t exist to me because if I turned a little I would surely fall off and die. Let’s just say I was a dramatic nine year old.

I didn’t run into the dumpster though. Nope. I dove off of my bike and let it smash into the dumpster while I caught myself on the ground.

My poor step dad was expecting another wave of tears and for me to never want to touch that bike again. But shockingly, I was scrape free and thought it was the funniest thing! I was ready to ride again, this time fully aware of how brakes work haha!

What’s your favorite childhood story? Why do you love it? How often do you think about it? Does it make you smile? Or is it a sad story?

I love when you guys give me some feedback! Looking forward to your stories this week :]

❤ that one girl


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