Ayiti 2016

I feel guilty. I keep mentioning little tidbits about Haiti and teasing you all, saying I’ll share soon! So instead of keeping you waiting until I’ve processed all the details, here is a post about what most people really want to see: what Haiti looks like!

Happy Fun Friday friends (alliterations are always appropriate ((see what I did there? (okay, really, I’ll stop now)).

Okay, really though, when you hear “Haiti” or “third world country,” you probably think of an image similar to my feature picture, right? Well, be prepared to be shocked by the true beauty that Haiti (or Ayiti in Haitian Creole) is.

untitledI realize not everyone knows where Haiti is, or what it might look like, or possibly even that it exists. So here is where it is on the map and in reference to the more familiar, North American land mass. It’s attached to the Dominican Republic, whose language is Spanish. However, Haitians mostly speak Haitian Creole, a combination of native language and French. Much of the education system teaches in French though, especially in University.

Okay, geography and language lesson over, here come pictures!

Let’s start with some animals! And spiders? Well, webs at least.

What better to follow up animals than the more or less resort we stayed at? Seriously look at how beautiful this place is. And the views? Ugh!

If you thought those views were killer, take a look at these. And some similar views, but during a storm!

And who can go to an island without going to the beach. I’ll admit, I don’t have pictures of the best beach we went to (I was too busy having fun to take any). But this is still pretty representative of where we got to hang out.


Let me tell you, if you ever make your way to Haiti, check out the Haiti Made Cafe somewhere near Grand Goave. These rocking chairs are perfect for naps and hanging out with friends, they have some great little gifts and even coffee and smoothies made from local products!

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I promise to tell you all more about what went on during this trip soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

❤ that one girl


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