The Confluence

My favorite place for a nice trail and refreshing swim.

Hi friends :]

As summer is closing we are making the best of our free time and are hitting up the river or confluence or beach practically every weekend. Which makes for a bunch of adventure posts for you guys! I think I might invest in a GoPro and time lapse our adventures sometime soon, but for now, I have pictures and stories to share.

Ruckus quite enjoys these trips. Even when it’s a little too hot and he has to stop every time he sees shade. We make sure to bring plenty of water, some tasty snacks, and always head to a place with something for him to swim in so he can easily cool down. I would love to let him run the trails sans leash, but I respect people who may not want a dog in their face as well. However, when we get to things like the waterfall, or at this time of year the tricklefall, and there aren’t too many people around I let him roam freely. He never goes too far and always comes back when called, even when it’s mid-picture and I really just wanted to get his attention as you can see here

This time we went somewhere that had water warm enough for everyone to swim in, there were a couple groups of teenagers jumping from the bridge and rocks in the area. But we didn’t mind, we just swam around anyway and Ruckus stayed right with us or played fetch in the water on his own. IMG_1163

A little more to the left of this picture was a rock we swam out to and I decided to do some yoga on! I hope to take pictures of that the next time we visit this spot. It was tricky balancing and not falling into the water!

The first picture is of the waterfall, or as I called it before the tricklefall since there was still clearly some water traveling through, but not nearly enough to call it a waterfall. On the right is what most of the scenery on the trail looked like, very woodsy. Can you smell it? I know I can.


I love finding little spots in rocks like these. There is never a sure answer as to what created them. Because there is a strong history of Native Americans in this area some say the holes were created by their grinding of grains and seeds, usually those are more clearly smooth and smaller. Even then, you could just say it was created by the waterfall and rains. Because there is no definite answer I love to just look at these dips in the rocks and think about the history which has passed over and through them.


Thanks for joining me on this little adventure recap, and have a happy Fun Friday :]

❤ that one girl


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