Hot Midday Hike

Hi there friends 🙂 Happy Fun Friday!

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in Northern California. A place full of small mountains near the valley and hot weather in the summer. But we don’t let that stop us!

There is a collection of easy trails to wander along less than an hour from where we live. And luckily for Ruckus, those trails are centered around a river (or two, I’m not totally sure). Which means we can go when it’s warm and he can have the relief of a cool river to swim in. And play fetch in until he’s too tired to stand anymore haha.

A friend of mine and one of her friends knew of a trail and invited us to join, an offer we couldn’t refuse! The trail we went on led to a waterfall: IMG_1075

We headed back up the trail after seeing the waterfall and made our way down to the river. Which was too cold for us to swim in, but just right for Ruckus! He explored the little area we set up camp in until he found a stick then fetch was on. The area we were in had some big rocks that cut the current and created a little cove, so he was safe and we didn’t have to worry about him being taken off by the current.


He loves to munch on grass, and found himself the perfect little patch to lay in and snack away


But my favorite part was finding a crawdad! Actually, a couple of them. We didn’t dare try to actually catch them or anything, but we watched them as they snuck in and out of their hiding places. I even got to watch one scurry from under one rock to another.

IMG_1102It’s peeking out of the log there, can you see it?

We had such a fun time on our little adventure and look forward to several more soon! What are your favorite places to explore? Do you like dusty trails? Or the city streets?

❤ that one girl and Ruckus 😛


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